High voltage amplifier

High voltage amplifiers: Falco Systems

General information
Falco Systems (established in 2006) is an innovative company that designs and manufactures technology leading high voltage amplifiers for company R&D departments, research institutes and universities worldwide. These amplifiers are used in precision engineering, electronics, physics, optics, chemistry, (aero-)space engineering and metrology and control. In addition, Falco Systems supplies its amplifiers as sub-modules to other OEMs.

Coming soon: The WMA-200 ultra-low noise high voltage amplifier
With this amplifier, you get the lowest noise high voltage amplifier in the industry

The new WMA-200 high voltage amplifier offers 50/20uVrms output noise, with -175V to +175V output voltage. It has two inputs: a normal BNC connector and a special differential connector to reject interference.

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Compact, all-round high voltage amplifier

New: The WMA-100 compact all-round high voltage amplifier
If your application demands a high quality high voltage amplifier, but there is pressure on the budget, the new WMA-100 high voltage amplifier may be exactly what you need

The new WMA-100 is a compact, all-round high voltage amplifier. It offers -175V to +175V output voltage, a DC offset control knob, and impressive bandwidth and noise figures. Combined with its modest price, it is the ideal choice for any experiment that requires a high quality, reliable high voltage amplifier, but where the requirements do not justify buying a 'top-of-the-line' device.

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High voltage, high speed laboratory amplifier

The WMA series high voltage amplifiers
High voltage, high frequency and (ultra-)low noise amplifiers for the electrostatic actuation of MEMS, piezo's and EO-modulators

The Falco Systems WMA series consists of a range of high voltage laboratory amplifiers with industry-leading specifications. We have high voltage amplifiers available with extremely wide bandwidth (DC to 5MHz) and high speed slew rate (2000V/us), but also with ultra low noise (50 microVolt rms in DC - 100kHz). These specifications make the different amplifiers of the range an excellent choice for use with MEMS devices, EO-modulators, PZT positioning systems, beam steering components, ultrasonics, and in many other applications.

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High voltage amplifier, battery powered

Battery powered high voltage amplifiers
Falco Systems provides a range of battery powered high voltage amplifiers, which can be used e.g. with floating power supplies or in a Faraday cage. They also serve as excellent cost-effective small stand-alone amplifiers.

These tiny high voltage amplifiers run from a low voltage 24V DC power supply or battery and provide a bipolar high voltage at their output. The WMA-02 delivers -175V to +175V, the WMA-01 -125V to +125V, while the WMA-005 covers the low voltage end of the range, with -75V to +75V output voltage.