High voltage amplifier

High voltage amplifiers: Falco Systems

General information
Falco Systems is a young, innovative company dedicated to providing high voltage amplifiers with excellent specifications. The primary aim is MEMS research and testing, but the amplifiers provided by Falco Systems can be used in many other fields. Applications range from the actuation of electro-optical (EO-) modulators to PZT (piezo-) transducers and general electronic (semiconductor) measurements.

High voltage, high speed laboratory amplifier

WMA series high voltage amplifiers
High voltage, high frequency and (ultra-)low noise amplifiers for the electrostatic actuation of MEMS, PZTs and EO-modulators

The Falco Systems WMA series consists of a range of high voltage laboratory amplifiers for demanding applications. High voltage amplifiers (+150V to -150V) are available with extremely wide bandwidth (DC to 5MHz) and high speed slew rate (2000V/us), but also with ultra low noise (300 microVolt rms in DC - 100kHz). These specifications make the different amplifiers of the range an excellent choice for use with MEMS devices, EO-modulators, PZT positioning systems, beam steering components, ultrasonics, and in many other applications.

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High voltage amplifier, battery powered

Battery powered high voltage amplifiers
Falco Systems provides a range of battery powered high voltage amplifiers, which can be used e.g. with floating power supplies or in a Faraday cage. They also serve as excellent cost-effective small stand-alone amplifiers.

These tiny high voltage amplifiers run from a low voltage 24V DC power supply or battery and provide a bipolar high voltage at their output. The WMA-02 delivers -175V to +175V, the WMA-01 -125V to +125V, while the WMA-005 covers the low voltage end of the range, with -75V to +75V output voltage.