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WMA-320 High speed high voltage amplifier

The WMA-320 is a high voltage, wide bandwidth laboratory amplifier. Its high output voltage, current and wide bandwidth have been designed to serve the needs of a wide variety of high-tech experiments. The WMA-320 can be used for MEMS actuation, EO-modulators, PZT (piezo) positioners, ultrasonics, and many other applications.
High voltage, wide bandwidth laboratory amplifier for MEMS
- High voltage 50x amplification up to +100V and -100V with respect to ground
- DC to 5MHz large signal bandwidth and 300mA output current, ideal for electrostatic MEMS and PZT (piezo) actuators
- High speed 1300V/us slew rate
- Continuous short-circuit protection
- No overshoot with capacitive loads and perfectly stable
- 50 Ohms input impedance with protection
- 50 Ohms output impedance with fast current limit
- 230V/50Hz mains power
- Lead-free, environment-friendly construction

The WMA-320 high voltage amplifier is priced at EUR 1745.- (EU price)
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Typically ships within a few weeks

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