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Application notes

High voltage amplifiers - How fast are they really?
High voltage amplifier performance in terms of speed is not only determined by the bandwidth and the slew rate, but also by the maximum sustainable current and the capacitance of the load. In this application note we discuss the specifications of high voltage amplifiers required to determine whether they are suitable for a certain amplifier-load combination. The corresponding output current calculator can be used to estimate the current and slew rate required to drive a certain capacitive load.

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High voltage amplifiers - So you think you have noise!
The lowest attainable noise voltage level using a high voltage amplifier is influenced by such factors as the amplifiers' intrinsic (white) noise level, its gain, its loaded bandwidth, and external interference. In this application note we focus on different aspects of noise and interference, common pitfalls in amplifier noise assessment, and practical examples and recommendations.

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High voltage amplifiers and the ubiquitous 50 Ohm: caveats and benefits
Every experimental scientist working with electronic measurement equipment will one day or another find him/herself puzzled by an inexplicable factor two in gain. The reason is that almost all electronic equipment for high frequency use (say 1MHz and beyond) is equipped with 50 Ohm in- and/or output resistors. In this application note we discuss correct 50 Ohm interfacing. This prevents reflections and signal distortion caused by the finite speed of light, and the corresponding finite time it takes for an electronic signal to traverse a length of cable.

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Quick and dirty MEMS design
This document contains a number of equations to estimate the order of magnitude of forces, displacements and voltages of MEMS actuators. It can be used in 'quick and dirty' MEMS design work. All the functional parts of one- and two-sides clamped beams, comb drives and parallel plate actuators are described. In all cases, bent beams (cantilever and clamped-clamped) are used to define the displacement for a certain force.

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Free PCB layout software

Merlin PCB Designer
Merlin PCB Designer is a free printed circuit board (PCB) layout tool that is distributed by Falco Systems.