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Falco Systems receives product design award

Design award
Falco systems wins product design award for new phase inverter - buffer

Application notes

Application notes
Be sure to read our new application notes about driving MEMS and piezo actuators

WMA-100A high voltage amplifier

The WMA-100A model is our cost-effective, compact, general purpose high voltage amplifier. With its high quality and small form factor, it is the ideal choice for any experiment that requires an all-round, reliable high voltage amplifier. It can also be used as a stand-alone low noise high voltage power supply. Two WMA-100A amplifiers and a WMA-IB-HS phase inverter - buffer can be used to double the output voltage.

Cost-effective high voltage amplifier for MEMS and piezo's
- 20x amplification up to +170V and -170V output voltage (with respect to ground)
- DC to 500kHz at (-3dB) large signal bandwidth and 100 mA output current
- Low noise at ~840 uVrms in DC - 10MHz; even lower when capacitive loads are driven
- No overshoot with capacitive loads; bandwidth changes automatically to ensure stability
- Short-circuit protected output
- Adjustable DC offset control knob
- Available in a 230V/50Hz and 115V/60Hz version
- Lead-free, environment-friendly construction

The WMA-100A high voltage amplifier is priced at EUR 1495.- (EU price)
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High voltage amplifier WMA-100A - download flyer

High voltage amplifier WMA-100A - download user manual

General amplifier accessories

The WMA-100A high voltage amplifier is the successor to the WMA-100 model. It offers a lower DC offset and a better step response. High voltage amplifier WMA-100 - download original press release

Cost-effective high voltage amplifier for MEMS and piezo's, frequency response under capacitive loading conditions
WMA-100A frequency response for different capacitive loads

Cost-effective high voltage amplifier for MEMS and piezo's, noise under different capacitive loading conditions
WMA-100A rms noise level for different capacitive loads

WMA series high voltage amplifiers

Double the WMA-100A output voltage by using two amplifiers in bridge mode

- The WMA-IB-HS phase inverter - buffer drives two HV amplifiers
- Maintain the precision, high speed and low noise of the amplifiers
- Switchable 50 Ohm /100 kOhm input for buffering low-current signals

WMA-IB-HS phase inverter - buffer EUR 495.- (EU price)