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Falco Systems receives product design award

Design award
Falco systems wins product design award for new phase inverter - buffer

Application notes

Application notes
Be sure to read our new application notes about driving MEMS and piezo actuators

High voltage amplifier accessories

Falco Systems offers a selection of accessories to use with the WMA series high voltage amplifiers. These include e.g. high quality, high voltage BNC cables, adapters and differential connectors.

Amphenol Connex BNC cables

High quality Amphenol BNC cables for high and low voltage applications. These
shielded cables are ideal for connecting a signal source and a load to a high voltage amplifier.

High voltage amplifiers

500Vrms max, 50 Ohm, size RG58

BNC to BNC cable 25cm EUR 20.- (EU price)
BNC to BNC cable 50cm EUR 21.- (EU price)
BNC to BNC cable 75cm EUR 22.- (EU price)
BNC to BNC cable 1m EUR 24.- (EU price)
BNC to BNC cable 2m EUR 28.- (EU price)

Testec/Pomona BNC to 2 x 4 mm jack cables

High voltage amplifiers

These cables can be used to connect 2 x 4 mm 'banana' jack connectors to a BNC connector. The low voltage cable is the standard cable to connect WMA-02, -01, and -005 high voltage amplifiers to a 24V DC power supply.

70Vdc max, non-insulated jacks, 1m
500Vdc max, insulated jacks, 1m

BNC to 2 x 4mm jack connector cable EUR 25.- (EU price)
BNC to 2 x 4mm insulated jack connector cable EUR 36.- (EU price)

Pasternack double shielded BNC cable

High voltage amplifiers

This high-end, double shielded cable can be used where very low electromagnetic interference (EMI) with a single ended signal is a prerequisite. This cable also has a high voltage rating.

1000Vdc max, 50 Ohm, 1m

BNC to BNC cable, double shielded EUR 84.- (EU price)

Falco Systems TRIAD 01 differential cables

High voltage amplifiers

Differential cables can be used with the WMA-200 and WMA-280 high voltage amplifiers and the low noise phase inverter buffer. Due to their interference rejecting properties, these cables provide the lowest output noise.

60Vac max, 3-wire with grounded shield

TRIAD 01 differential cable set for WMA-200 in bridge mode EUR 200.- (EU price)
TRIAD01 to TRIAD01 differential cable 1m EUR 112.- (EU price)
BNC to TRIAD01 pseudo-differential cable 1m EUR 73.- (EU price)

Amphenol BNC to BNC adapters

These adapters are necessary for connecting BNC cables in different configurations.

High voltage amplifiers

500Vrms max, 50 Ohm

Amphenol female to female straight BNC adapter EUR 6.- (EU price)
Amphenol male to male straight BNC adapter EUR 8.- (EU price)
Amphenol female to male to female tee BNC adapter EUR 9.- (EU price)
Amphenol male shielded BNC 50 Ohm resistor 1% 1W EUR 8.- (EU price)
Amphenol male BNC shielded short 0 Ohm EUR 8.- (EU price)

High voltage amplifiers

CLB BNC to 2-wire terminal adapters

These adapters can be used for connecting BNC cables to individual wires.

400Vdc max, screw terminals

BNC female to 2-wire terminal adapter EUR 6.- (EU price)
BNC male to 2-wire terminal adapter EUR 6.- (EU price)

High voltage amplifiers

Econ alligator clip 4mm jack

Connect 4mm jack 'banana' connectors to any device with these non-insulated alligator clips, e.g. with the Testec BNC to 2 x 4 mm jack cables listed above.

Use additional insulation above 48Vdc max

Econ alligator clip for 4mm jack, non-insulated EUR 2.50 (EU price)

DIY TRIAD 01 differential cables

High voltage amplifiers

Create custom differential cables with individual solderable TRIAD 01 connectors.

60Vac max, 3-wire with grounded shield

TRIAD 01 male connector EUR 34.- (EU price)
TRIAD 01 female connector EUR 45.- (EU price)
Differential cable for TRIAD 01 connectors, per meter EUR 4.50 (EU price)

Falco Systems bridge mode tee-cable

High voltage amplifiers

When two high voltage amplifiers are used in bridge mode to double the output voltage, this tee-cable can be employed to connect a single load with a BNC connector between the two high voltage amplifier outputs.

300Vrms max between conductor and shield on the input BNCs, 600Vrms max between the contacts of the red output BNC. The 'shield' of the red BNC connector is connected to an amplifier output; use additional insulation for the connected load

Bridge mode tee-cable EUR 84.- (EU price)

Falco Systems Capacitve Load Box for WMA-200 amplifier

High voltage amplifiers

This 1uF 400V capacitive load box can be connected to the output of the WMA-200 Low Noise High Voltage Amplifier. It reduces the bandwidth of the amplifier, thereby decreasing its output voltage noise from 50uVrms to 20uVrms.

400Vdc max between inner conductor and shield on the input BNC, 500mA max current from input to output BNC.

Capacitive load EUR 50.- (EU price)