High voltage amplifier

Falco Systems receives product design award

Design award
Falco systems wins product design award for new phase inverter - buffer

Application notes

Application notes
Be sure to read our new application notes about driving MEMS and piezo actuators

Freeware: Merlin PCB Designer

General information
Merlin PCB Designer is a free printed circuit board (PCB) layout tool that is distributed by Falco Systems. Whether you are professionally involved with printed circuit manufacturing, or you are just making a few PCBs for your job or at home, Merlin PCB Designer can make your life easy and save you a significant part of your PCB-related expenses.

Falco Systems Merlin PCB Designer

If you already have CorelDRAW on your computer, you can use the licence-free Merlin PCB Designer package to convert it into a powerful PCB layout tool. Bu sure to read the manual first!

Download Merlin PCB Designer
Merlin PCB Designer comes as a zip file with CorelDRAW scripts (from version 7 to 11), and a large component library + manual. To download Merlin PCB Designer, please click on the links below.

Merlin PCB Designer manual

Corel files + library

Falco Systems offers the free Merlin PCB Designer software "as is". Falco Systems does not offer additional support and is not liable for any problems that may occur due to the use of Merlin PCB Designer.

High voltage, high speed laboratory amplifier for MEMS

High voltage, wide bandwidth laboratory amplifier
The Falco Systems WMA-300 is a high voltage, high speed laboratory amplifier (DC to 5MHz bandwidth, -150V to +150V output voltage). The WMA-300 can be used for MEMS actuation, EO-mudulators, PZT positioners, and many other applications.

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