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Falco Systems receives product design award

Design award
Falco systems wins product design award for new phase inverter - buffer

Application notes

Application notes
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Falco Systems wins product Design Award

Falco Systems was recently awarded a prestigious Design Award by Dare Measurements, an accredited laboratory for compliance measurements. The Design Award was granted to Falco Systems for its newest product, the WMA-IB-HS phase inverter - buffer; an amplifier that enables you to use two high voltage amplifiers in bridge mode to double the output voltage, while maintaining precision, high speed and low noise. high speed phase inverter buffer for driving high voltage amplifiers in bridge mode
The phase inverter buffer passed all electromagnetic compliance tests and product safety requirements for laboratory use with flying colors. An excellent result according to Dare Measurements, and the reason their engineering team selected Falco Systems as the winner of the award.

Falco Systems management Merlijn van Spengen and Dyske beelen receive design award

Falco Systems management Merlijn van Spengen and Dyske Beelen receive the Design Award
(photo by Dare Measurements)

Commenting on the award, Director Merlijn van Spengen said: "We feel honored! The team was already pleased with our efforts that ensured our new product passed all inspections in one go, but of course this award is the icing on the cake!"

With his team at Falco Systems, Merlijn strives to provide researchers around the world with the best possible high voltage amplifiers. Every amplifier undergoes a quality control inspection and test to ensure that all delivered Falco Systems products meet the strict quality standards. All Falco Systems laboratory amplifiers comply with CE (EU marking) and FCC (US marking).